Your generosity is keeping the Faith alive – and nurturing it for future generations – by helping to teach people about Christianity. In many of the countries where we work, priests rely on their catechists to run religious education programmes for people of all ages. Thanks to you, we help pay for training for these catechists – and they in turn prepare candidates to enter the Church and to receive the sacraments, as well as helping them deepen their spirituality and understanding of the Faith. We also provide essential catechetical materials such as bibles and catechisms.

And in a few countries, we have recognised the urgent need to support Christian schools – even though we do not generally give money to schools. During decades of conflict and turmoil for Christians in Sudan, we gave vital help to the Save the Saveable Schools, which were the only chance of a Christian education for children forced to flee to huge displacement camps with their families. For nearly 20 years in Egypt, we have been helping provide Christian education. Today, there are some 10,000 children in 35 schools. Thanks to you, they can look to the future with hope.