In times of disaster and great need, we are able to send aid quickly and directly to those most in need, thanks to our close relationships with local Church leaders. Although the emphasis of Aid to the Church in Need’s work is on pastoral projects, we recognise the imperative need to offer help to those in crisis – indeed, the charity was born out of the refugee crisis in Europe at the end of World War II. Refugees are still the recipients of emergency help today. Since the outbreak of the conflict in Syria, we have offered more than €920,000 of aid, providing shelter, blankets, medicine and food essentials both to those still in Syria and to the tens of thousands who have left everything behind and fled to neighbouring Lebanon and Jordan. Many of these refugees have fled violence before, having left Iraq for the shelter of Syria before civil war broke out. Our support also includes help for vital pastoral projects in Syria. In recent years, we have also helped victims of natural disasters in Haiti and Pakistan, amongst others.