With more than 50 million copies distributed in over 170 languages, Aid to the Church in Need’s Child’s Bible is a worldwide phenomenon! This little illustrated bible not only teaches children key stories from the Old and New testaments, it also helps them learn to read, as it is often the only book they own. For many adults, too, the Child’s Bible is their first introduction to Scripture. The Child’s Bible was first published in 1979 – the United Nations Year of the Child – in response to a call from Pope John Paul II to bring the Word of God to the weakest in our world – children “so poor that they cannot afford any book”. As well as proclaiming the Word of God to children and young people, ‘God speaks to his children’ is a vital tool for families to develop their faith. Catechists also use the Child’s Bible to help the faithful deepen their understanding of Christianity. Aid to the Church in Need’s Child’s Bible has also been given out to people in hospitals, orphanages, retirement homes and prisons, military chaplaincies and even to crew on merchant sea vessels. It helps bring spiritual comfort to those enduring their own Way of the Cross.

Buy one Child’s Bible and provide three more

We receive requests for as many as one million Child’s Bibles each year. You can help us to meet that demand – each Child’s Bible you buy in our online shop enables us to send three more to Christian children around the world. It makes a perfect gift to mark a First Holy Communion! Or a donation of just €4 will allow us to print one Child’s Bible – how many will you print?