7.3 million people are suffering from hunger, including 1 million children


According to a report released by the United Nations, South Sudan is experiencing ethnic cleansing, largely being carried out by government forces. The report described the country as a nation on the brink of genocide. The situation has worsened and the country is in chaos.

Since the beginning of the conflict almost 330,000 South Sudanese refugees have fled the country according to UNHCR.

The war has created a great humanitarian crisis:

  • half the population of some 7.3 million people suffer from hunger
  • thousands are at risk from a cholera epidemic
  • half million people were forced to flee their villages
  • systematic massacres and atrocities took place in several places.

The fighting that has engulfed the country is having an effect on the citizens of the Upper Nile region. Last January, a wave of violence prompted 20,000 people to seek refuge in Aburoch, in St. Stephen’s parish in the village of Malakal. These people have no work, nor land to cultivate food. Having lost almost everything, they are the first people to suffer from hunger.

South Sudan’s bishops have issued a pastoral letter condemning the violence against civilians being carried out by government forces and the opposition. The Bishops also made an appeal to the international community to act immediately and alleviate this humanitarian crisis.

Currently, there are more than one million children suffering from hunger – 250,000 of them are in need of immediate assistance. In July, at the height of the hottest season of the year, 5.5 million people are threatened by hunger if we do nothing. Hunger is spreading and could affect 40 percent of the population of South Sudan.

Aid to-the Church in Need cannot remain silent in this situation and is taking urgent steps. We will work with our partners in South Sudan and with you, our benefactors.

We must help those forced to flee their homes in South Sudan who are suffering hunger and are in danger of dying. These brethren in South Sudan, among other things, need our prayers and food aid. We need € 125,000 to distribute sacks of sorghum, a type of grain which is a staple food in the region. The price of each bag of sorghum is € 65.

Aid to-the Church in Need (Malta) is launching a campaign “7.3 million people are suffering from hunger, including 1million children”, so together we can help these brothers and sisters in greatest need. We are appealing to all those who can, to give a donation for emergency aid in South Sudan.