This report gives an update about the courageous work of some our partners who are literally on the frontline of Faith, braving the odds to reach out to the poor and suffering faithful in remote communities.

You will read about how Aid to the Church in Need with your help, is providing both pastoral and practical aid to our brothers and sisters in need around the world.

Please help courageous missionaries to reach out to the faithful in remote communities

Read on to find out how you can help sustain mission outreach to many poor faithful who live in remote communities in different parts of the world.

“We are very grateful for all that you are doing for us, our Christian community, and all those who are going through difficult moments in their lives”- Archbishop Antoine Chahda of Aleppo


Bringing God’s Love to Covid-19 Patients

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, Polish Missionary in the Ukraine, Father Grzegorz Draus, has been visiting coronavirus patients in the hospitals twice a week.

“I visit every room in the hospital,” he explains to ACN. “I bless the patients and  comfort them by the Good News: God’s love. I tell them that Jesus Christ is very close to them in their suffering, for he suffered some of the same symptoms as those fighting the disease: he too struggled to breathe”.

Father Grzegorz has been exercising his ministry in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, for the past nine years and now, more than ever, when the Lviv region counts thousands of cases of Covid-19 infections with countless fatalities, his mission is all the more important… Read more 


Always on the Go for God! 

Sister Shobka Rani Talari is not daunted by the poor roads that she often has to take into the jungle as

Purchase of a Scooty two wheeler for the touring sister at Hatigorh in Chhaygaon (Daughters of Divine Providence): Sister Shobka Rani Talari on the new motorcycle

she carries out her work for the mission in Chhaygaon, which is located in the Archdiocese of Guwahati in the impoverished north-eastern part of India. She is always on the go, day after day, visiting people living in remote villages.

Her help is urgently needed. In these villages, many of which are located deep in the jungle, there is no medical care, no electricity, and virtually no one can read and write. Poverty abounds, sanitary and hygienic conditions are poor, and families have a lot of problems to deal with.

Sister Shobka visits families and checks to see if any of the sick require treatment – such as 10-year-old Benedict Rabha, who fell out of a tree and had to be taken to hospital… Read More

Through Mountain Trails and Rocky Slopes 

Round about 400 Sisters oft the Misioneras de Jesús Verbo y Víctima (MJVV) are living and working in different areas including the tropical jungle and high altitudes of the Andes in the following Latin-American countries: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile.
LA I/Regional 12/416
Peru/Chiclayo 12/138
Bolivia/Cochabamba 11/628
Peru/Yaycucho 11/140

They travel to places where a Priest can rarely visit. In the poorest, remotest and most inaccessible regions, the Missionary Sisters of Jesus Word and Victim (Misioneras de Jesus Verbo y Victima) minister to the people in their poverty and abandonment and bring them hope. The congregation was founded in 1961 in Peru and is active today in no fewer than seven countries of Latin America.

In the archdiocese of Sucre in Bolivia, there are six of these Sisters living and working in three parishes of the mountainous Andes. Immediately recognisable by their blue habits, they come from various countries – one from Argentina and the other five from Peru.

The mountain trails are long and difficult.  There are poisonous snakes and the Sisters have to negotiate steep and rocky slopes, and sometimes even wade through streams that have turned into rushing torrents as a result of the heavy rainfall…Read More