Date: 9.2.2015


Chaldean Patriarchate: Press statement

The Chaldean Patriarchate expresses its deep concern regarding the situation of the innocent civilians within the conflict areas in the region. The so-called “organism of the Islamic State” is burning everything: human beings, stones and civilization. On the other hand, as the Iraqi army beside mobilized populations Alhashid alsha’bi, is in the process of liberating the occupied areas, this has in consequence displaced thousands of families and their emigration towards an unknown future, without having on-site anorganized plan to rescue them.


This being said, we strongly call to the central government in the country and the international community in order to act as soon as possible for the protection of innocent civilians and to offer them the necessary assistance in lodging, food and medications; as well as taking care of thousands of students of universities and schools.


As Christians, we experienced this tragedy, during the deportation of our people in Mosul and the cities of the plain of Nineveh; our suffering is still continuing being far from our homes.


This is obviously a human catastrophe that cannot suffer any silence. This situation when it is prolonging, will be difficult to control and will leave negative and bad tragic impacts on the long term.Therefore, we would urge the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly deputies, in order to consider the emergency need for an extraordinary meeting to discuss this situation that threatens to deteriorate from bad to worse.


Louis Raphael I Sako

Patriarcha Babylonensis Chaldaeorum