In February 2023 a powerful earthquake struck the region of southern Turkey and northern Syria. At least 50,000 people died and a huge number of buildings were destroyed. Among the areas most hard-hit was the city of Aleppo in Syria, already devastated by the civil war in the country.

Father Hugo Fabian Alaniz, the priest of Our Lady of the Annunciation parish, was clearly protected by his guardian angel, since he himself was unhurt, but his car, which was parked in the street, was crushed by heavy masonry falling onto it from the sixth floor, and reduced to scrap metal. This leaves him with a major problem, for his pastoral and social work within the parish is virtually impossible without a vehicle. It is essential for the priests and the other pastoral workers at its adjoining social centre to be mobile, since they often have to ferry relief goods or transport the elderly and handicapped.

The cost of a taxi is altogether prohibitive, and in any case they are often unreliable. For now he‘s renting a car, but that too is unaffordable in the long term and therefore not an effective solution. And so he has turned to us with an urgent appeal for help. We cannot let him down and so we have already promised to support him, so he can continue his pastoral work and help the poor and needy, of whom there are more than enough in Aleppo. Will you help us to help him?