UKRAINE: Help for refugees currently living in a Church youth centre

UKRAINE / IVANO-FRANKIVSK-UCR 23/00867 Special help in caring for refugees in the youth center Pidlyute of the Ivano Frankivsk archeparchy as a result of the war.

The war in Ukraine has prompted the greatest wave of refugees since the Second World War. All in all almost 15 million people have been forced to flee, around 7 million of them within their own country. Many have found shelter in Church-run facilities.

Currently 98 women and children have been housed in the Catholic Pidlyute youth centre in Ivano-Frankivsk, in West Ukraine. Archbishop Volodymyr Vijtyshynhas written to ask our help. “The worst thing”, he writes, “is that the people we are sheltering here have nowhere to return home to, since their houses and cities have been destroyed and bombed out.

We as the Church are responsible for the people we have given shelter to. We want to save these people from going hungry and provide them with a decent place to stay. But our financial resources are exhausted and now we are looking for help. And so we are turning to you. We are praying to Almighty God for you and for all the benefactors He has brought into our lives. May God bless you all!“

We are proposing to help the local Church, so that these 98 refugee women and children can be cared for properly in their new lodgings. Will you help us to bring them hope?



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