For many years now the Catholic faithful in the village of Noyanagar have been longing for a new chapel as the tiny mud chapel they themselves built almost 30 years ago has become far too small for the growing community. Besides, the walls have deep cracks and the rain is coming through the roof – to such an extent that it is impossible to celebrate Mass there during the rainy season. And yet the parish church is almost 7 miles (11 km) away, and too far to walk to.

The people of the village belong to the Sandal ethnic group, formerly a pagan, animist people. But most of the villagers have now long been Catholics. They are very poor and live from hand to mouth, yet they are happy and content with the little they have and grateful to God for it. They are very strong in their faith and take an enthusiastic and active part in Church life. The liturgical feasts and festivals of the Church‘s year are celebrated with great devotion.

But they do need a fitting place of worship. Until now they simply couldn‘t find the money. But thanks to our generous benefactors, we have been able to come to their aid with a contribution of 10,500 Euros. So now the villagers of Noyanagar can go ahead and build a modest but permanent chapel. Their joy is immense, and all the people of the village will help with the work. Already they can hardly wait for the day when the chapel is finally finished!

It will be a great joy for the Catholics and all the people of the village of Noyanagar to be able to pray in peace and tranquility. They will be still more committed to their Christian values; the Sunday Mass and the other forms of worship will be still more fruitful. The community of the faithful in Noyanagar will be forever grateful to the benefactors for their warm hearts and outstretched hand of friendship in helping us to build this chapel“, writes their priest, Father Narayan Singh.

Our sincerest thanks to all who helped!