“Thinking about the humanitarian tragedy of Ukraine, still under the bombardment of this sacrilegious war, let us not get tired of praying and helping those who suffer”. With these words, before the Marian recitation of the Angelus, Francis again, this time from the island of Malta, recalled the drama that millions of Ukrainians are experiencing at this time and asks to pray for peace in that martyred country.

At the conclusion of the Mass at Granary Square in Floriana on 3rd April , The Pope called on faithful to pay attention to how they treat others, “whether we do this with a look of mercy, as Jesus shows us today, or with a look of judgment, even contempt, like the accusers.”

“It is good for us, whenever we pray, but also whenever we participate in lovely religious services,” the Pope suggested, “to ask ourselves if we are truly attuned to the Lord.  We can ask Him straightaway, ‘Jesus, here I am with you, but what is it that you want from me?  What is in my heart, in my life, that you want me to change?  How do you want me to regard others?”

God, the Pope said, always leaves room for second chances. He can always find paths that lead to liberation and salvation.

Pope Francis concluded by asking Our Lady for protection and peace for the Maltese and for “the beloved and martyred Ukraine”.