Asia Bibi has taken upon herself a new and great cause! One of defending victims of the Blasphemy Law in Pakistan which has led to the unjust arrest and death sentence of religious minorities especially Christians in the Country.

As a victim of the Blasphemy Law herself, she has a first-hand experience and says, “I believe that the anti-blasphemy law must be reformed. To that end, I want to dedicate my life from now on.”

During her recent visit to France for the release of the book written about her story, “Finally Free”, she emphasized that there are many other people especially Christians, who are unjustly imprisoned including Shagufta Kousar who occupied the same cell with her during her jail term in Multan.

“She has my full support and, if my story and testimony can be useful, I will be very happy,” says Asia Bibi, adding that “Shagufta Kausar is also a mother and was accused”, as well as her husband, “of having sent blasphemous messages via SMS ”.

The case of Shagufta Kousar, 44, and her husband, Shafqat Masih, 47, has already been reported several times by ACN and has similarities with that of Asia Bibi. Both cases were on the basis of false accusations and unstructured stories, which, despite being reported in court, proved to be sufficient to support death sentences. In the case of Shagufta and her husband, they were sentenced to death in April 2014.

In fact, despite the fact that both were illiterate and that the cell phone was stolen when the message was sent, the court did not validate these arguments, thus giving strength to those who point out the Blasphemy Law as being used in the persecution of women religious minorities in Pakistan, particularly in relation to the Christian community.

“In addition to Shagufta and Shafqat, there are other women and men who are still in detention today and who need to be helped”, says Asia.

“I would like the world to come together for this cause to obtain their release, whether they belong to minorities or the majority. Everyone must be heard.”, she added.