Despite the crisis in Burkina Faso and its consequent danger to life and limb, courageous young men are braving the odds to continue their studies for the priesthood and Aid to the Church in Need is standing with them through it all.

Sixty one (61) seminarians belonging to the diocese of Ouahigouya which lies in the north of Burkina Faso, a region that has suffered repeated attacks by Islamist terrorists in the past year are continuing their training for the priesthood in these difficult circumstances. Attacks and massacres by jihadist terrorists are continuing and many people have been forced to flee.

An added blessing is the great support which they enjoy from the local people as their vocations have sprung from their own communities. They pray regularly for the seminarians and also bring gifts in kind in order to help them, even though they themselves often have barely enough to live on. The families of the seminarians also help support them with whatever they can give.

But now many families have been forced to flee as a result of the terrorism. Having left almost everything behind that they relied on to support themselves, they now have nothing and can no longer support the seminarians.

At the same time, the priests in the parishes are struggling to support the many people who have lost everything.

Aid to the Church in Need trusts that with the help of generous benefactors, we can continue to support these courageous men as they push through this challenging journey.