Archbishop Warda urges Europeans to speak out against genocide and praises  ACN


Speaking at a Conference held in Evora, Portugal, Bishop Warda praised the humanitarian work done by the Catholic Church in the Middle East. He highlighted ACN as one of the organizations that was able to get the “necessary goods” to the neediest populations in his country.

Without this help, he said,  the situation of Christians in Iraq, as well as other religious minorities also persecuted by the terrorist “Islamic State” and other jihadist groups , would be much more serious. “If there were no ACN or other organizations of the Church from Europe and other countries, our country would be in great danger. We would be already finished, if there was no one there to help us “  Warda said.

As one of the most active voices in defense of Christian victims of jihadist attacks in the Middle East, Warda used the conference in Évora to again denounce the religious persecution of Christians and others that is occurring in the region.

Arguing that Europeans can and should take a more active role in denouncing this situation and the protection of religious minorities, Warda  appealed to the international community to make their voices heard in defense of persecuted communities. He also emphasised the specific role of   Church organizations in speaking out against this genocide.

Archbishop Sako: the world got used to the suffering of the Iraqi people

Death has become commonplace in Iraq, the world is used to it and it no longer makes the slightest impression, says Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako. Over 60 people died and 80 were seriously injured in the latest attack. Sako commented on the tragedy   at the market located in the Shiite part of Baghdad:

 “Death has become a daily phenomenon. Attacks are carried out not only in Baghdad, but also in other parts of Iraq.  There is also  huge corruption …. The future is really  a great unknown. The miracle is that, despite the continuous attacks and general confusion people   somehow manage to live, but are already tired and losing patience. Therefore, we need concrete action to put an end to this tragedy and to stop the exodus of Christians and other citizens. The international community has no idea how to lead, because individual countries are focussed on their own business and do not take into account the needs of the peoples of the region. Who if not us knows best what we need? The world must listen to us in the end; only then will they know what to do. “

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