Overview: Nigeria

Hundreds of thousands of people in northern Nigeria have suffered at the hands of militant group Boko Haram. Entire communities lie desolate as people seek sanctuary in places free of the Islamist threat. Many of them mourn lost loved ones; others are sick with worry about friends and family captured by the militants.

ACN’s work in Nigeria

With your help, Aid to the Church in Need is working with Church partners in northern Nigeria to offer pastoral help for victims of atrocities, trauma counselling, developing inter-faith cooperation, teaching catechesis, providing Child’s Bibles, training seminarians and helping poor priests with Mass stipends.  In the enclosed report, ‘Hope amid the Horrors’ you will read about how the faithful are persevering in faith and how your compassion is offering the hope of Christ’s love to all those in need.

How you can help the Church in Nigeria

Support our key projects  and help keep faith alive for Christians in Nigeria who are determined to trust in the Lord in spite of attacks by Boko Haram.
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Thank you so much for your prayers and charity.

Prayer for Nigeria

Father God, we thank you for Your fi delity to the people of Nigeria. Father we ask that every Nigerian should imbibe a true spirit of patriotism.

We pray that Christians and Muslims alike will collaborate in nationbuilding by embracing the positive values found in their faiths, especially love, compassion, justice and peace.

An extract from a prayer at Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (September 2010).