Appeal for help from Bishop Doeme of Maiduguri

My name is Mons. Oliver Dash Doeme, and I am the Bishop of Maiduguri, Nigeria. I thank ACN for the opportunity to contact you directly.

I write to you because I need to ask that you help me ask the international community for political, economic, and military support, in order to fight the devil of Boko Haram. Can you help me now by signing this petition?

Let me explain this further. Boko Haram continues to spread terror in our country. Last month was particularly violent.Two women committed a suicide bombing and caused 11 deaths. Islamic terrorism has taken the lives of at least 150,000 people in Nigeria.

2.1 million people had to leave their homes. In my diocese alone, 60,000 out of 125,000 faithful Christians have fled from their homes.

Nevertheless, there have been small, positive changes:

  • Last October, the army rescued 338 hostages, women and children.
  • The army is spreading posters with the images of the most wanted militiamen.
  • 150 jihadists were killed during a military operation.
  • The US sent 300 military troops to Cameroon to aid with intelligence and surveillance operations.
  • France is organizing a summit with the countries involved to discuss steps to stop the violence inNigeria.

Some of my parishioners are coming back, but they lack basic necessities: food, medicine and sometimes even shelter. Can you help me ask for international support?

We’re not afraid, because we know that the Church always expands itself amidst persecution. Our members are increasingly bold. For this reason, I know that the future of the Church in Nigeria is bright.

We also know – and this is what I tell my people – that the Martyrs are praying for us.

However, we also need the solidarity of the international community. My people have been through immense trauma, and now they must live in poor conditions. Can you help me with this?

Thank you in advance for your help and solidarity. You can count on my prayers as we count on yours.

Warm regards,

Mons. Oliver Dash Doeme, Bishop of Maiduguri (Nigeria)

PS – Please, help the faithful Nigerian Christians who are returning to their homes by asking for international support. Can you share this campaign or this e-mail? Thank you very much. God bless you.