Siham is a Syrian woman who had to give birth to her baby, by caesarean delivery, amid the war her country is going through. Aid to the Church in Need made it possible, both for mother and son, to be safe today.

Siham dreamed of preparing everything for her baby’s birth. But the conditions were not the best. She found herself pregnant in the middle of the Syrian war, homeless and without the minimally required health care available. In addition, when the time of delivery approached, doctors said a C-section was essential for the baby to survive.

Like many Christians in Syria, Siham was living in a border enclave near Lebanon, where they would take refuge from both war and religious persecution. The place is called Wadi Al-Nasara (the “Valley of the Christians”) and, not too long ago, it was a touristic area. Today, it’s more of a refugee-relief zone: 10% of Christians in the country are concentrated there.

Siham did not have the financial resources to pay for the medical services and care a C-section requires. However, the generosity of our benefactors made it possible.

The funds raised by ACN continues to help change the living conditions of those Christians who are facing persecution in Syria and elsewhere in the world.

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) established the Saint Peter’s Aid Center in the Valley of the Christians. There, the Foundation provides services that directly address the needs of this population: helping to pay rent for families who lost their homes during the bombings,  scholarships, food … and everything that might be necessary for these families to rebuild their lives as soon as possible.