For Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), which was founded at a time when Europe was recovering from the devastating effects of World War II to help refugees and displaced people, emergency and pastoral care for refugees is an identifying element of its mission.

The bitter truth is that today there are more refugees worldwide than ever before. Currently, 70.8 million people are fleeing war and violence around the world: of these, 16 million alone are in the Middle East. Our great financial commitment to refugees and displaced persons in the Middle East is not only a response to their pressing needs, but also a contribution to stop the wave of Christian emigration and thus ensure the continuity of Christianity in the region.

In 2019 alone, ACN funded more than 90 refugee projects. This made it possible to directly assist refugees, internally displaced persons and returned refugees, especially in the Middle East (Lebanon, Iraq and Syria), Turkey, Sudan, Tanzania, Cameroon and Ethiopia.

On this year’s World Refugee Day, ACN’s International Projects Director, Regina Lynch, highlights the importance of the Charity’s work throughout the world, in supporting refugees and internally displaced persons; a work that, so often, has only been possible thanks to the generosity of our benefactors.

“True to its roots, ACN as an international pastoral agency works with local Churches that are often unable to find the funds for social and pastoral assistance to displaced communities and to meet their spiritual needs,” explained Regina.

ACN help for refugees in Lebanon

  •  1,000 refugees receive a hot meal every day at the St John the Merciful Table – men, women, children and the elderly are all welcome at the relief kitchen
  • Help for Christian families with rent, food baskets, and other essentials to help them survive
  • Education for refugee children at Church schools to give them the chance of a brighter future

Grace Attu