Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, Aid to the Church in Need  (ACN) was once again able to fulfil its mission and support over 5,230 projects, providing assistance for a wide range of needs in 139 different countries, mainly in Africa and the Middle East in the past year 2019.

This is contained in an official annual report released today 17th June 2020 detailing projects carried out by its 23 national offices, including Malta.

The projects were focused on the three areas regarded by the charity as the main “pillars” of its mission: direct financial support via various aid projects, providing information about the situation of Christians in various different countries, and encouraging Christians to pray for their suffering brethren.

Priority countries in Africa included Nigeria, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Democratic Republic of Congo where Islamic fundamentalism and jihadist terrorism are wreaking havoc among the faithful.

In the Middle East, where the existence of Christians is threatened, ACN funded projects focused on emergency and survival aid especially in Syria and Iraq where a new phase has begun for the repair of places of worship and monasteries, to rebuild the spiritual homeland of the many Christian families who have returned to their towns and villages. Outstanding among the major projects supported by the charity in Iraq was the rebuilding 2,086 homes on the Nineveh plains.

Other aid projects carried out include:

Mass Stipends

1,378,635 Mass intentions were celebrated in 2019 for the intentions of its benefactors and represented some 15.9% of the donations given. This enabled the charity to support 40,096 priests – roughly one in every ten around the world.

Religious Sisters

13, 862 religious sisters were able to continue and improve their service to the poorest and most vulnerable on the margins of the major cities or war torn regions, as in the inaccessible mountain and forest regions.


16,206 Seminarians around the world, or one in every seven worldwide were supported in their formation to the Priesthood. ACN regards this aid as crucial for the future of the Church.

Transport for Pastoral Work

266 motor vehicles, 119 motorbikes, 266 bicycles, 4 buses, 3 trucks and 12 small vessels were funded for the facilitation of the pastoral mission of the Church by land and sea in many remote and difficult regions, among them Brazil, Burundi, India and Madagascar.

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) Malta thanks our friends and benefactors for your kind generosity which enables us to continue this vital work of bringing hope and solace to our persecuted brethren around the world. Together, we can do more!