TANZANIA / MBEYA 14/00175 Self sustainable poultry project for the Sisters of Our Lady Queen of the Apostles of Mbeya - Kisa Convent: The sister is feeding the poultries


Chicken rearing project makes Sisters in Kisa self-sufficient


The parish of Kisa in the diocese of Mbeya was established in 1927. It has around 3500 Catholic faithful, who are ministered to by two priests, five religious sisters of the local congregation of Our Lady Queen of Apostles, and 25 catechists.

In 2009 the parish opened a primary school, which is run by the nuns. The sisters also give catechetical instruction, help the elderly and sick, instruct those preparing for baptism and help out in other schools in the area. At the same time they serve as sacristans in the parish church.

The parish has an additional 12 outstations, lying anything from 15 to 50 km (10 to 30 miles) away from the centre of the parish, and so the sisters often have to travel considerable distances. The parish budget is minimal and the ordinary faithful live from hand to mouth, so that there is no way the parish can fund both the living costs and the travel expenses of the sisters. And so they have been growing fruit and vegetable in their garden for sale locally. But this did not produce enough income to live on, and so they had an idea – to set up a chicken rearing project, so that they could also sell the eggs, and the hens for meat.

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, ACN was able to help with a contribution of 3,300 Euros – the cost of a henhouse and 200 hens – to set them up. The project has been successful and now the sisters are able to support themselves and no longer have to be dependent on outside help. Sister Felista has written to us: “I really want to thank ACN and your generous benefactors. May Almighty God pour out his heavenly graces upon you all. Our community promises to always pray for you and all your benefactors and to have Holy Mass celebrated for your mission and your well-being.”


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