For many years now, Sister Christine of the Merciful Sisters of the Cross has been serving the poor and downtrodden in the East Indian province of her congregation. In the region where she is working this includes above all the members of the indigenous tribal peoples, for whom she is caring. She has a great deal of experience behind her and now coordinates the work in the various small Christian communities that have formed here – places where a priest is only rarely able to visit. As a result, the faithful generally gather with a catechist, in order to pray together, celebrate Word liturgies and share their life experiences.

Sister Christine has to cover considerable distances in the course of her work – frequently on poor roads and in inaccessible regions. Her old car had served her well for eight long years, but unfortunately, owing to the harsh conditions, it had become increasingly unreliable, repeatedly leaving her stranded in mid-route and becoming ever more expensive in repair costs.

Thanks to the help of our generous benefactors, we were able to provide some financial support and now Sister Christine is delighted with her new vehicle. She writes, “May God richly bless you all. I promise you my prayers and the prayers of all the people in our parishes!”