Thanks to the help of our Benefactors, the diocese of Jagdalpur in Inida has at last been able to establish a home for its sick and elderly priests. ACN contributed towards the cost. Back in the spring of 2022 we reported on the laying of the foundation stone and we are now delighted to be able to announce that the home has been completed and formally blessed.

The centre is now home to those priests of the diocese who have worked tirelessly for many years and who are now too old or infirm, as a result of the hardship they have endured. Priestly service in this diocese is hard and demands great sacrifices, since the priests have to work above all in remote and underdeveloped regions, travelling long distances on difficult roads to minister to the faithful. Now there are many who are too old or too sick to be able to minister alone in these remote villages and who instead need care and medical treatment themselves.

Bishop Joseph Kollamparampil has written to thank all who have helped:

“I am very very grateful for the wonderful support you have given us to enable us to build this home for the frail and elderly priests of our diocese”, he writes. “I am delighted to tell you that our “Shalom” retirement home is now complete.

Although we met with many difficulties, we were able, thanks to the grace of God and a lot of hard work, to complete the work sooner than we had thought. Thank you again for your constant help and love! We are praying for you!“


Code: 317-01-19