Completion of the parish centre in Bahna

The Catholic parish of Bahna in north-east Romania is still very young, having been established only in 2012. Currently it serves a Catholic community of some 470 people. In 2013 they were able to start work on a parish centre, which is now three quarters finished. The ground floor includes an office, a parish hall, a kitchen and a refectory, while the upstairs rooms include the future residence of the parish priest. There is also a guest room and a storeroom.

Now the time has come to finally complete the building work. They still need floorboards, tiles and a bathroom. The central heating system and electrical wiring also need to be completed

The parish is poor, and the building work has only been able to proceed at the cost of great sacrifice. Now their funds are exhausted so Father Marius Adam, the parish priest, is asking ACN for help, so that they can finish the work. He writes: “Together with all our community, we include you and all our generous benefactors in our prayers and ask God’s every blessing upon you.”

ACN is planning to help with a contribution of 10,000 Euros.