Fr Jacques Mourad managed to escape from his kidnappers a few weeks ago but thousands of others are still help captive by terrorists.

Please remember them and say a special prayer every day for all those who have been abducted by terrorists, especially:

  • Deacon Boutros and around 160 Christians thought to have been captured along with Fr Mourad when Daesh (ISIS) took over the town of Al Qaryatayn near Homs, Syria on Thursday 6th August
  • Italian Jesuit Paolo Dall’Oglio who founded the community of Mar Musa near Homs in Iraq and was abducted with a group of Christians. They are thought to be still alive but have not been seen for over a year
  • 202 Khabur Assyrian hostages. ISIS released a video showing the brutal killing of three of these men and threatened to kill all the remaining hostages if a ransom of  over 10 million dollars, $50,000 per hostage, was not paid.
  • Almost 300 schoolgirls, mainly Christian, from Chubok in Nigeria kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorist group and forced to convert to Islam. A year later, the girls are still missing. Unconfirmed reports say that at least one girl has died a martyr for refusing to give up her Christian beliefs
  • Thousands of Yazidi women and girls abducted from Iraq by Islamic State who killed their male relatives. The women, and even girls as young as 9, are being sold in slave markets as “wives” for jihadists. Any women who refuse to convert to Islam are being killed.