Pope Francis may visit South Sudan


During his historic visit to Italy’s largest Anglican congregation, Pope Francis confided that he is seriously thinking of visiting the African country scourged by war and great famine, which affects almost half of the population.

While discussing “better and more creative” relations between Catholics and Anglicans in the South of the world and observing the vitality of the Church’s young churches, the  Pope said:

 “I’m studying, my colleagues are studying, the possibility of a trip to South Sudan.”

Francis went on to explain that all the Bishops of South Sudan, “the Anglican, the Presbyterian and the Catholic,” had asked him: “Please, come to South Sudan, only for a day, but don’t come alone, come with Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.”

“This request came from them, the young Churches,” Francis said, noting that “while the situation is awful down there, we are considering whether it can be done.”

The Pope has  confirmed trips to India, Bangladesh and Colombia. He also plans a day in Portugal, in Fatima, and then there’s another trip being studied, to Egypt. “I can’t go to Russia because I would also have to go to Ukraine,” he added.


ACN Malta