Fr Jaar wishes to thank the people of Malta and Gozo, and in particular parishioners of the churches he visited, for their warm welcome, hospitality and generosity.

He fell in love with the Maltese Islands and the local people, who took him to their hearts. He was full of praise for our country “I m so happy to be here. You are living in a paradise!”

When speaking about his experiences in Malta Fr Jaar, he said he felt safe and at peace here compared to the situation in Jordan “with tanks on the street and soldiers everywhere”. He warned that we should not take peace for granted. We must appreciate our freedom to go wherever we liked without being searched or stopped at checkpoints, be vigilant and take care to safeguard our freedom and way of life.

“The best way to protect yourselves from succumbing to ISIS and other terrorists is to defend and strengthen your Christian faith, values and way of life” he added. addaaddadded.addedadded.