Bishops urge prayers for peace and reconciliation after the election


The Bishops of Malaysia issued a message after the political elections saying “We exercised our democratic right of vote on May 9, 2018. Malaysia has a golden opportunity, the future lies in the hands of the people. We Catholic Bishops of Malaysia, propose a moment of prayer and thanksgiving for our beloved nation.”

The Bishops said they appreciated the effort to build “a new Malaysia” where “freedom and justice are guaranteed to all”, where “everyone can live in peace and harmony without suspicion of one another as fellow citizens”. For the first time in the history of Malaysia, the opposition coalition won the vote, not the “National Front” that governed for 60 years.

“We are grateful for a matured electorate” the Bishops commented, noting that the election took place peacefully, in a transparent and almost incident-free manner. This was largely due to the commitment of the Election Commission officials and thousands of volunteers.

“Many people have expressed feelings of joy in being Malaysian first. This really is a grace of God given freely to everyone. This manifested itself even in the course of these elections. We have witnessed humility and the seeking of forgiveness for past mistakes. We have seen reconciliation offered and received and a love for peace and harmony” the Bishops stated.

The Malaysian Church urged all the communities scattered throughout the territory to offer a Mass of thanksgiving or hold an hour of adoration and prayer for peace in the country:

“We all need to continue praying for Malaysia, we must pray for healing and unity among all of us, let the Church also press the “Reset” button. Let us try to be inclusive. Let us try to be creative. Let us try to be builders of bridges. We want to pray for God to give blessings and prosperity to all Malaysians.”

The Bishops encouraged all citizens to make a personal commitment to peace and unity and concluded: “May the love of God and love for this nation, keep us united.”


ACN Malta