The continuing severe economic and political crisis in Lebanon is causing great suffering to its people. According to UN figures, over 55% of the Lebanese population are living in poverty today – almost double the figure for the previous year.

In less than a year the Lebanese currency has lost over 80% of its value and prices for basic essentials have in many cases quadrupled.

Religious sisters in the country have suffered no less than others. Making things still worse is the pandemic, which has left many religious communities without their usual sources of income. Among those suffering as a result are the Melkite Catholic Sisters of Saint Basil of Saint John the Baptist.

A particular concern of the congregation is the care of 26 of its elderly and frail sisters, who have devoted their lives for decades to serving God and their fellow men and now find themselves dependent on the care of others.

To care for their needs, the Mother House of the congregation, the convent of Our Lady of the Annunciation has been turned into a retirement home, where these elderly sisters can now receive round-the-clock care and support.

But the cost of their medical care, the mobility aids such as wheelchairs, specialized hospital beds and all the many other things required for their care are simply beyond the resources of the congregation.
So the sisters have turned to ACN, confident of our support, and ACN is proposing to help.