Iraqi Christians go on pilgrimage to Ur – the birthplace of Abraham


Despite the very difficult situation of Iraqi Christians, many of them from the country’s capital travelled nearly 400 km on a pilgrimage to the Chaldean district of Ur, the birthplace of the biblical patriarch Abraham. About two hundred faithful from different parishes in Baghdad accompanied the Chaldean auxiliary bishop of the capital of the diocese of Basel Yaldo and seven priests.

Organized on the occasion of the Year of Mercy,  this pilgrimage was the largest in recent years, given the current conditions in Iraq. “We hope that we will be able to hold a greater pilgrimage, with thousands of participants, when Pope Francis come to visit this place, God willing” – said Bishop Yaldo during a Mass held at the archaeological sites of ancient Ur.

Pilgrims from Baghdad also met with Christians from Basra and the Archbishop of the local Chaldean Catholics Habib al-Naufalim. He told them about the daily life of the community of followers of Christ in this second largest city in Iraq, where there are now only 250 Christian families left.

ACN Malta