How your donations are helping the remaining Christians in Aleppo

 The next two weeks are crucial for Aleppo; the fight for the city is cruel. Even if the media are writing that it is a disaster because Russia and Assad are bombing the rebels’ position, Christian project partners consider this to be a sign of hope and liberation. After more than 4 months without power and electricity, the lack of water is now one of the biggest problems in Aleppo. Water sources are controlled by the rebels. Luckily, already some time ago, the authorities advised communities to dig wells, and this is the reason why Sisters can provide people with water. But of course there is always the danger of falling bombs when they have to go to collect the water.

ACN’s current projects are focusing on emergency help because of the war and the cold winter in Aleppo; the target group for the help is the remaining Christian families.

We have two main projects, helping families in Aleppo and Hassake for the next 6 months:

1. SYRIA / NATIONAL 240.000,00 Euro

Emergency help for  displaced families in Aleppo and Hassaké, especially those with children and elderly people (food 900 families and vouchers for urgent items 600 families) for six months till June 2016. The help is being distributed through the Latin apostolic vicar of Aleppo.

2. SYRIA / NATIONAL 240.000,00 Euro

Emergency help for 1.300 displaced families in Aleppo and Hassaké (fuel oil, gas, electricity, water, rent costs) for six months till June 2016. This project is likewise via the Latin apostolic vicar of Aleppo 

We are helping as well with mass stipends for 42 priests in Aleppo.

Furthermore we have also two projects with Father Ibrahim:

1. SYRIA/Aleppo – Extraordinary help for Christian families (electricity): 

Fr.  Ibrahim Alsabagh writes in his request that the citizens of Aleppo are living in darkness. The electricity is often available one hour in two days. In some quarters, there was no electricity for 2 and half months.  There are some private enterprises which are selling so called “amper”.  The electricity is produced by private generators run on diesel. They have put on the list 600 families that need monthly help of 21 USD (8.000 SYP). Total cost for one year 151.200 USD. We help him with € 140,000.

2. SYRIA/Aleppo – Scholarships for students at the secondary schools & universities:

There are several functioning Christian schools in Aleppo. Despite the danger of air or mortar attacks, parents want to send their children to  schools or universities. The future of the children depends on the education they receive and – at the same time – it stops young boys from being enrolled in the army. The Franciscans identified 318 students who are in need of help in order to continue their studies. The help needed for each student is not very much: only 5.000 SYP (c. 13 USD) per month.  Total request is for 49.608 USD – ACN’s contribution is €45.000.

The total cost for all the projects together is €692,680.

ACN is constantly in touch with the local Church to see how we can help displaced people from Aleppo and other cities in the country. We have other projects running in Damascus, Homs, Lataquia and also at national level in Syria.

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