Suggestions derived from Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si”

In last week’s Newsletter we featured some practical suggestions made by Pope Francis, inspired by his encyclical “Laudate Si”, urging everyone – individuals, corporations and governments – to act now. The pope urges us all to make a effort so that we can protect our environment and save the planet before it is too late.

Here are some more of Pope Francis’ thoughts on how we can work together and make the world a better place for everyone. (The numbers in brackets refer to relevant paragraphs in the encyclical)


  1. The world’s problems have not been caused by increasing population but by excessive consumption and waste (50)
  2. The common good must come first. Personal interests can lead to manipulation of information, sometimes by those who carry out philanthropic acts and pretend to be concerned about problems (54)
  3. Put up with the heat, Excessive use of air conditioning is self-destructive (55)
  4. Gestures of goodwill inspire others and remind them that “we were created to love“ (58, 113, 212)
  5. Get back to Nature to recharge yourself. Realise how beautiful and amazing it is. Revisit places which you remember fondly (84, 97, 215, 233)
  6. Movements in favour of preserving Life, the Environment and promoting Social Justice are all interconnected. We must protect  unborn babies and  animals in danger of extinction(91,120)
  7. Use technology to solve real problems and serve people; help them to have more dignity, less suffering and a better life (112)
  8. Get off the treadmill –  recover the Values you’ve lost and the meaning of life (113-114, 225)
  9. Let us create work that helps to develop people, create stability and gives value to the lives of workers (124-128)
  10. Pay attention to what indigenous people are saying. Protect their lands. Extermination of cultures is even graver than extermination of species (145)
  11. Let us create networks of help and support in our neighbourhoods, improvement programmes and welcoming spaces. Let us do something beautiful for our community (148-150,152, 219, 232)
  12. Accept the body that God gave you and take care of it (255)
  13. Politicians –don’t be discouraged by long-term plans and changes that need to be made in people’s lives even if these affect levels of consumption and pose some financial risks. Citizens –put pressure on your elected representatives (177-180)
  14. Use less and don’t consume resources needlessly (193, 203, 211, 222)
  15. Pay attention and think about what you buy. Remember that boycotts can be effective (206)
  16. Small things when added up can make a difference – plant a tree; use public transport or car share; switch off lights when you leave the room; wear more clothes when you feel cold (211)
  17. Parents, teach your children to respect and care about other people; ask permission politely; say thank you; control anger; ask for forgiveness; share with others (223)
  18. Teach your children to take pleasure in simple things – getting together with family and friends; helping others; developing their talents; enjoying art, music and prayer (223-224, 226)
  19. Teach children to pray before mals and love their enemies (227, 230)
  20. Go to mass on Sundays. Receive the sacraments. Rest on Sunday. Encounter God in everything you do (233-237)
  21. Sing while you work (246)
  22. Pray (246)