“7.3 million people are suffering from hunger, including 1,000,000 children ‘


According to a report released by the United Nations, South Sudan is experiencing ethnic cleansing, forced piece big government. The report described the country as a place that is on the brink of genocide. The situation has worsened and the country is in chaos.


According to UNHCR, since the beginning of the conflict almost 330,000 South Sudanese refugees have fled the country.


The war has created a great humanitarian crisis:


– half the population of some 7.3 million people suffer from hunger

– thousands more are at risk from a cholera epidemic

– half million people were forced to flee their villages;

– systematic massacres and atrocities in several places.

The fighting that has engulfed the country is having an effect on the citizens of the Nile region. Last January, an outbreak of violence prompted 20,000 people to seek refuge f’Aburoch, in the parish of St. Stephen in the town of Malakal. These people have no work, nor land to cultivate food. Having lost almost everything, they are the first people to suffer from this famine.