Immediately after the terrible explosion of August 4 in Beirut, the ACN decided to mobilize emergency aid of € 250,000 for families brutally deprived of their homes and any means of subsistence. Our project partners highlight the extensive damage the explosion caused. Lebanon, which had long since plunged into a serious economic and political crisis, is today powerless to respond to the urgent needs of the affected population and is now entirely dependent on international aid.

Thanks to your precious help, ACN has started distributing emergency aid through the Pontifical Mission and Caritas, both members of the Al Karma Committee. In the districts of Beirut most affected by the explosion (Gemmayzeh, Mar Mikhael, Rmeil, Badawi, Nabaa, Bourj Hammoud, Jdiedeh, Karm el Zeitoun and Dbayeh), more than 5,880 families began to receive food parcels distributed by dispensaries and social centers managed by the congregations of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, the Daughters of Charity, the Assembly of Women’s Religious Congregations and the centers of the Armenian, Chaldean and Syriac Catholic Churches. This emergency aid is a first step. Then the time for reconstruction will come, where we will help repair the chapels, churches and convents which have been very badly damaged.

Before the explosion, the poorest Lebanese were barely able to buy food and many were already falling into poverty. Since October 2019, the Lebanese population has suffered a profound phenomenon of dramatic deterioration in living conditions and the economic situation. The massive presence of Syrian refugees in the country also had a very heavy impact, further depleting the infrastructure and the economy which were already suffering badly. The Covid-19 epidemic has added to the country’s many woes. Before the explosion, the poor Lebanese became even poorer… What will be their fate from now on?

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) thanks you for standing in solidarity with the Lebanese who are suffering in Beirut in these tragic and painful days.

Your kind donation of €45 will provide for one family, a food package containing the ingredients needed to prepare hot daily meals: lentils, chickpeas, red beans, bulgur, rice, oil, tuna, pasteurized cheese, milk, sugar, salt, jam, etc.

Your support for Lebanon and for the whole region is of absolutely vital importance for survival, in order to preserve the Christian presence in the Middle East, at the heart of the suffering caused by the multiple violence and tragedies.

May Our Lady of Lebanon intercede on behalf of Lebanese Christians in this time of great suffering.