A solar generator for a parish in Basse-Voldrogue, where there is no mains electricity


For the past year and a half Father Stanley Fleuriot has had to sit in the dark every evening for there is no electricity supply in his new parish of Saint Anne of Basse-Voldrogue. In fact he lives in a small hut, which in reality looks more like a windowless toolshed than any form of human habitation. For now he has to make do with a meagre gas lamp or a solar lamp, which also provides the only available lighting for the celebration of Holy Mass.

The parish is a very poor one, situated around 15 miles (25 km) from the town of Jérémie. It serves a population of some 25,000 people. Bishop Joseph Gontrand Decoste is convinced that the local community has strong spiritual reserves, however. That is why he has established a new parish here. BHowever, the new parish is still in its earliest stage and badly lacks  even a minimum of infrastructure.

What is most needed at present is a small solar generating plant that will at least provide a modest electricity supply. ACN is planning to contribute 2,800 Euros, so that Father Stanley will no longer be left sitting in the dark.