With our help it was possible to offer the food packages for 13,000 displaced families during the month of June 2015.

In the previous months the organization such as WFP and World Vision supplied the IDPs with food or cash to buy the food. No doubt, giving cash simplifies the support and does not involve many people to prepare the distribution but at the same time the amount of food the families will receive will be diminished by half. When the families will receive 80 USD they will get only 50% of that which could be provided when the food was bought in bulk by Church organization.

Each family got a food basket worth 60 USD. It should contain: 15kg of rice, 5 kg of sugar 4 litres of cooking oil, etc.

The work of the volunteers who carried out the distribution of the Christmas packages was excellent. They worked with competence and great dedication. They followed certain procedures and the distribution was done according to the list of the registered refugees.

This means that thanks to our donors, ACN could help with 780,000 USD (690,000 Euro). ACN will continue its help and support another “food packages project for IDPs” for October, November and December