The Center for Deacon Services was established in 2010 by the Patriarchate of the Coptic Catholic Church. It offers many social and pastoral activities and initiatives aimed primarily at women, families and young people.

In addition, there are various support programs for those in need, including life skills classes, literacy classes, continuing education programs, a series of useful leisure activities for children and young people, as well as tips for leading a life of faith and many other interesting activities on the program. The activities are organized in a number of different centers.

In these times of the coronavirus crisis, the possibilities are limited. Physical encounters cannot take place. But right now, the center is betting on the Internet. Online courses for women are a specific initiative to help families navigate this period of limited contact and the closure of schools, kindergartens and sports clubs. Women must learn to cope with new technologies and use them wisely, while acquiring the skills necessary to support their children.

Indeed, while other leisure activities are at a standstill and part of school education is also provided online, children are spending more time on the internet. It can be a chance, but also a risk. Mothers must learn to use the precious possibilities offered by the internet, while keeping their children away from dangers. In addition, it is about encouraging women to better organize this period: how to improve relations and communication within the family, strengthen faith and help families reduce as much as possible the negative effects on the family and , in particular, on children? Moreover, these are questions that are also relevant outside of the coronavirus crisis.

150 women participate in these three months of courses. The program is supported by Aid to the Church in Need.