In a society scarred by Communism, with many families not practicing the faith, ACN Malta is promoting the teaching of the Catholic faith and Christian values to children, giving them hope, and building them up as little evangelists. 

ACN Malta is partnering with the Society of Christian Doctrine in the diocese of Santa Clara, Cuba to teach the Catholic faith to children, youths and adults. Since arriving in Cuba, the Society has been of great help for the local Church in this way, and has also been helping to publish numerous books for children and adults about the Catholic faith which are always sold at a reduced price. 

Founded in Malta in 1907 by Saint George Preca, the Society has centres in practically alal parishes in Malta and Gozo and is also actively operating in Australia, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Albania, Peru, Poland and Cuba.  

The Society of Christian Doctrine (SDC) Centre in the diocese of Santa Clara is used almost every day. In the morning a breakfast is held for very poor, old people and after school hours, children and adolescents meet for catechism and faith sharing activities. 

The Superior of the SDC Centre, Sagua la Grande, Stephen Zammit SDC wrote to ACN asking for support, 

“A couple of years ago we had two projectors, but now, one of them is not functioning and the other is basically obsolete. Both projectors were used practically daily during ten years, especially for powerpoint presentations and video clips which are so indispensable nowadays. Now, with your help,we hope to replace them with the monitors”

Children in a Catechesis session at the SDC Centre, Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara Cuba

ACN Malta stepped in to help provide this aid, and thanks to the generosity of our benefactors we were able to fund the purchase of monitors for the religious formation provided by the Society of Christian Doctrine in Cuba for children, adolescents, youths and adults/parents in Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara. 

“The monitors have already been installed and they are already being used. We have told our children, adolescents and adults about your donation and encouraged everyone to pray for all the benefactors. Thank you for your generosity”, says Stephen Zammit SDC. 



ACN supports the production and distribution of accessible catechetical publications that help young people discover the Catholic Faith as the foundation of their lives.