CROATIA – Construction work progresses on one of the largest Marian sites worldwide


A giant 55-foot statue of Our Lady of Loreto currently under construction in Croatia, will be one of the largest Marian sites in the world when it is completed. The enormous statue of Our Lady is sited along the coastline near the city of Primošten, a hill-city about 20 miles south of Šibenik renowned for its vineyards and beaches. The townspeople of Primošten are known for their particular devotion to Our Lady of Loreto and they hold a traditional feast in honor of Our Lady every May 9-10, with a festive procession around the coastline.

The Croatian municipality has not yet confirmed  when the Marian monument will be complete, although they said that the statue is in the final stages of construction. After its completion the monument to Mary will be visible from the facing coast of Italy on a clear day.

“This project is unique in Croatia and beyond,” stated a spokesman from the Municipality of Primošten. “It has been an object of considerable interest and acclaim, and a blessing has been given by the Holy See and Pope Francis.”

The construction of the statue has been in collaboration with Cammini Lauretani, which works to connect Marian shrines across Europe, in a joint effort with the European Cultural Itinerary of the European Council Initiative. Mayor Stipe Petrina of Primošten has been meeting with leaders from Cammini Laurentani to try and link Marian shrines in Italy and Croatia, with the overall goal of creating sustainable religious tourism and development. Their most recent meeting took place in Gaj hill, where the organizations involved were able to see the progress of the statue.

ACN Malta