In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, many messages from the project partners of Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) have reached the Pontifical Foundation in recent days. They express solidarity, encouragement in prayer, thankfulness: Touching expressions from our brothers and sisters.


“This brief note is to let you know that we, the monks in Sri Lanka, are praying for the whole world every day from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm before the Blessed Sacrament. And as we pray for the whole world, we have not forgotten you at ACN; you and your loved ones are also remembered in a special way. We pray that the Good Lord may protect you, your loved ones from this pandemic as we believe in a God who is good.”

-Benedictines Monks, Sri Lanka

Greetings of Love and Peace!

I write this just to let you know that I and all the IMS members are thinking of you, your family, friends and all the people in ACN and all over the world who are affected by Corona Virus. We are all praying for you all during the Eucharist every day. I pray that the Lord brings healing, protection, safety and all the blessings on you all.

Praying for you & your family, all the people of ACN and all over the world and requesting your prayers,

God Bless You & Your Family & Loved Ones!

Yours in Jesus,

Fr. Prabhat Chacko IMS, India

“I feel very much the pain and suffering of you all, as well as the uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow and how all this will end, and I make them mine.

For weeks I have been celebrating Mass with the Sisters every morning with this intention. It really hurts us to see what you are all going through in Europe. What a pain! May God be our strength, support and hope.

In the diocese, we have motivated people to pray in private, to join the Eucharistic adoration and the Rosary; we distributed 20,000 prayer cards with a prayer to the Blessed Trinity and the Virgin Mary… in short: we have asked everyone to cry out to God.

From this corner of the world we join in the pain of all of you, of all of Europe, of Humanity, but we also share the hope that comes from contemplating the Pierced Christ. The first and last word will always be of Love, always, and God is Love…it will never be of death and evil. Let us be people of hope.

We want to show you our loving closeness and assure you that you can be certain of our prayer for all the collaborators, for the benefactors of ACN…for all. We have them very close to us, in our hearts and in front of the Tabernacle.

How many of those who have always helped us are now going through tribulation! We lift up our arms for everyone. May God help you and hold you.

A fraternal hug,

Mons. Arturo González Amador , Cuba

As a pastor, I am sending you this message to tell you we are thinking of all benefactors. Faced with this situation, you can rely on the prayers of the clergy and all the faithful of the of Saint Jean-Baptiste because our God is great”.

Father Benedik Lazar, Haiti.

Greetings of peace in the Lord from Bereina Diocese.

We are praying for you and for your country in this time of difficulties from the pandemic consequences of Covid-19. However, we are sure that God never abandons his children. United in constant prayers, also by other Dioceses of Papua New Guinea, we entrust all humanity and the countries affected by the virus and all in authority to the Blessed Virgin. As a Mother may she intercede for us, the global community, to console the sick and accompany to paradise those who have died of this pandemic.

I certainly assure you of my prayers, for the gift of strength from the Holy Spirit.

Bishop Otto Separy, Papua-New Guinea