The Saint John the Merciful table project supported by Aid to the Church in Need at the Syrian border in Zahleh, Lebanon where 300 refugee families are fed daily continues despite the limitations posed by measures taken to contain and prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Lebanon.

Adjusting to the current situation and to prevent gatherings of people, a new strategy has been devised with the help of a team of volunteers and workers.

The Saint John the Merciful table now provides hot meals to 400 needy people in their homes in Zahle and its neighborhood. The restaurant’s administration had previously sterilized the restaurant halls and the equipment in it, and the workers adopted all means of protection and food safety according to the standards of the Ministry of Public Health and the World Health Organization.

Archbishop of Furzol, Zahleh and the Bekaa of the Greek Melkite Catholics Archbishop Issam John Darwish thanked the workers and the volunteers working at the Saint John the Merciful table, for their commitment to do good and help the needy people in these exceptional circumstances, and his excellency asked everyone to stay in their homes and follow the directions of the Ministry of Public Health and to follow-up the prayers on the Radio on “Sot El Sama frequency” and through social networking sites.