COLOMBIA – Sisters overcome challenges to help indigenous poor people


Four  Sisters of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul have been working in the Colombian highlands since 1997. They provide health care for the indigenous population, visit families and teach children. The crime rate is high and the indigenous population is marginalized by society. The population has also suffered a lot because of the civil war. Therefore, the Church also faces the challenge of promoting peace.

The work of the Sisters is difficult because people speak different local languages that are not easily learned. Although many children and adults also speak Spanish, it is often necessary to impart catechesis and carry out the ministry in their own mother tongue. Nor is it easy to gain the trust of the indigenous population, as there is a latent distrust of “white people” although they have great respect for the religious Sisters.

The biggest challenge is the great distances in a territory where transportation is difficult. The Sisters have to walk long distances for up to seven hours to go to the villages. For this reason, they asked ACN for help to buy a vehicle, and we supported them with a donation of 11,000 euros.

ACN Malta