Christmas  2015  – Christmas of  Hope


The  second  Christmas,

My People and my Church

Are  exiled

As Joseph, Mary, Bethlehem, in Egypt

Refugees in foreign lands,

Nearby or  far .

Away  from their homes, their  green fields.

Their churches  being empty or destroyed

They will pray under tents, caravans or in rented halls,

Their bells  kept silent, their  pastors  exiled

They will pray silently, with tears, with nostalgia

Who will  be transfigured  in Hope .

Christmas 2015, Christmas of Hope

Said God.

To all  my people, to their  friends nearby or  far

To all who communicate  to his Golgotha,

Who believes  in his Liberation, his Resurrection!


                                         +Basilios Georges Casmoussa

                                                                  Former  Archbishop of Mosul