The Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Mary have been dedicated to children for many years. Since 2001, the Catholic Church runs an orphanage with 50 children in Kapshagay. The Sisters make great sacrifices to raise these children and young people who mostly come from unstructured families and their work is bearing great fruit.

At the center, often for the first time, the children feel protected and cared for in the framework of an orderly life, as they would in a family. They play, learn, and pray together, and occasionally hike to a nearby lake . It is a precious experience for them as many times they have known than poverty and chaos in their lives.

Father Artur Zaras, a Polish missionary who works in the Kapshagay parish, but also takes care of the spiritual needs of the orphanage, wrote to ACN explaining that in these difficult times they have lost many benefactors who have also been affected by COVID-19. Their budget is getting smaller and smaller and it is more difficult for them to live and support their children without the material help of people of good will, “So we ask you; don’t forget us!”

So that they can continue doing all these charitable work, ACN wants to continue supporting the Sisters and the orphanage with extraordinary aid.

We welcome and appreciate your donations to support the sisters and help the orphans at this difficult time.