Your gift, no matter how large or small, will bring comfort to those in need.

Fr Werenfried van Straaten, the founder of ACN, believed that children everywhere needed Bibles, but he knew some could not afford one and others had none in their own language.

Thus the “Child’s Bible” was created and has been supplied in over 180 languages.

The ACN’s Child’s Bible is a vital resource to teach the Faith to young and old alike, and for many, it is the only book they own in their own language so it helps them learn to read.

In places like India where the faithful are faced with increasing intolerance and violence, the ACN Child’s Bible is a useful tool to teach the Faith and strengthen the Christian community.

Could you help us teach the Faith by providing 10 ACN’s Child’s Bibles to the suffering Church?

Video: Supporting Child’s Bible in South Sudan


Suggested amount is €12.00