Gifts of faith are changing the lives of persecuted Christians around the world.

Through your generosity, we are able to help priests, seminarians, religious Sisters and brothers and lay faithful in the 148 countries where we work.

We also give emergency aid to displaced and refugee Christians in places such as Syria, Iraq and northern Nigeria where the Church suffers persecution.

Your Gift of Faith is a charitable gift on behalf of a loved one, will help Christians in need around the world.

Your Gift can help to provide transport support Priests, Sisters, rebuild Churches or support a refugee family in the Middle East.






Last year, you made a great difference to the lives of suffering Christians – thanks to you we were able to achieve the following:

  • 1,222 construction projects for building churches and chapels.
  • 11,080 religious Sisters received vital support.
  • 375 cars, 149 motorcycles, 239 bicycles and two boats were provided for pastoral ministry.
  • 10,760 seminarians supported – one in every 11 worldwide.
  • 30,000 catechists and lay workers were helped in their faith formation.
  • 1,435,888 Mass Stipends were made for poor priests, especially in Africa and Asia – every 22 seconds, Holy Mass was celebrated in the world for our benefactors.
  • Thousands of Christmas parcels were given to displaced and refugee children.
  • Emergency aid and food parcels were provided for thousands upon thousands of displaced families in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to sustain a Christian presence in the region.

We hope that our benefactors will continue to help share the Faith, care for the poor and needy, and give a voice to persecuted Christians. Thank you.