Support for the life and ministry of religious Sisters


The Sisters of Divine Providence have been working in Cameroon since 1999. In 2002 they also established a house in the diocese of Mbalmayo, in the centre of the country. They are now living and working here, in the mission station of Ayos. They have taken over a school from the French Sisters, which serves as a practical and vocational training centre for women and young girls. At present there are 47 women and 14 girls here being taught to sew and embroider. In 2012 the Sisters also opened a health centre where they treat a range of different illnesses. They also run a maternity centre where, last year alone, no fewer than 236 children first saw the light of day.

There are just three Sisters working here in Ayos. Sister Celestine, the Superior, is a trained nurse and is in charge of the health centre. She also teaches the girls and young women hygiene and leads a group of “Friends of Divine Providence”. Sister Danuta gives catechetical instruction and teaches the women and girls sewing and embroidery. Sister Gaelle is responsible for the religious instruction of the younger children of the parish. Her lessons are well attended, to say the least, with 300 children taking part! She is also responsible for the parish library.

These religious Sisters are performing a precious and vital service for the people and working very hard, though they receive absolutely no remuneration, working as they do out of pure love for God and their fellow man. Yet they still have to live somehow, and so they have turned to ACN for help. We are supporting them in their life and ministry with a contribution of 1500 Euros, which will last them for an entire year.

 ACN Malta