British MPs overwhelmingly vote to recognise IS actions as genocide


British MPs have voted overwhelmingly (278 in favour with 0 against) in favour of recognising the treatment of Christians and other minorities at the hands of Islamic State as genocide. Christian MP Fiona Bruce tabled the motion in the House of Commons, which also calls on the United Nations Security Council to bring members of IS to justice for their crimes, which include mass killings and sexual slavery. The motion stated:

“The proposers of this motion are here to insist that the overwhelming evidence of the atrocities of Daesh in Syria and Iraq is recognised for the genocide it is, and is considered as such by the UN Security Council and International Criminal Court – and to support similar resolutions of other leading international and legislative bodies.

“There are only two possibilities here. If the House is not satisfied that genocidal atrocities are being perpetrated, we must not pass this motion, on which I am minded, Mr. Speaker, to test the will of the House. But if colleagues believe that the depravities of the Islamic State, or ISIS or IS or, as we now refer to is in this place, Daesh, are being undertaken with genocidal intent, then we have already waited too long to recognise these atrocities as what they are a genocide.”Several MPs made impassioned speeches detailing the many atrocities committed by ISIS. Speaking during the debate, Fiona Bruce said: “Genocide is a word of such gravity, implications and history, that it should never be used too readily. It is rightly known as the “crime above all crimes”. For this reason alone it is incumbent upon all of us to prevent the term from devaluation or over-use.

“But such caution must not stop us from naming a genocide where one is taking place.Similar motions were passed earlier this year by MEPs at the European Parliament, US Congress and also US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Foreign Office minister Tobias Ellwood told MPs that it was a matter of legal opinion but he believed Genocide had taken place. Unless it refuses Parliament’s decision, the UK Government must now draft a motion to go before the UN Security Council so that the International Criminal Court can begin proceedings against ISIS jihadists accused of committing genocidal acts.

The motion then must be voted on by the UN Security Council, requiring a unanimous vote On Friday, April 29th, a coalition of  religious freedom groups will present a Call-to-Action to  the United Nations. Please add your name to this call-to-action to tell the UN that you stand with Christians around the globe who are being murdered and pushed out of their homelands for their faith. 

CitizenGO, MasLibres, In Defense of Christians, ACN and other religious freedom groups are asking the UN to recognize ISIS aggressions as acts of genocide and take immediate steps to preserve religious freedom in the Middle East and worldwide.

This systematic pattern of coordinated attacks, the magnitude and intensity of the crimes, and the resulting disappearance of Christian communities from Syria and Iraq are evidence that the persecution of Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities in the Middle East has reached the threshold of genocide and it should be recognized as such.

ACN Malta