BELARUS – Help for the training of 33 seminarians in Grodno


Last year the Catholic seminary in Grodno celebrated its 25-year Jubilee. ACN has helped for this seminary right from the start, and so, on the occasion of the Jubilee celebrations, the rector of the seminary, Dr. Roman Raczko wrote to us: “It would certainly be difficult to imagine our existence and what we have achieved in this time, without your help.”

When the seminary was opened, on 1 September 1990, the Soviet Union was still in existence, and this was the first Catholic seminary to be reopened within its territory. In August 1991 Belarus became an independent country, and in April of the same year the diocese of Grodno was established. 

The Grodno seminary was in fact buy xenical orlistat established in a former convent that had been confiscated by the communists. Some sections of the forensic medical services had been housed in the building, and it took 10 years before it could be completely renovated – which meant that the early beginnings were extremely difficult. Initially, in fact, they did not even have a refectory. But despite the unfavourable circumstances, the seminary was still able to open its doors as early as 1990. The first eight priests to emerge from this seminary were ordained in 1995.

ACN has continued to provide regular support for the training of the seminarians here. During this academic year there are 33 young men preparing for the priesthood. We are supporting their formation with 19,800 Euros.

ACN Malta