BANGLADESH – Priests in Mymensingh can now reach the scattered faithful on new motorcycles


Catholics make up only a tiny minority in Bangladesh, are currently in which some 90% of its over 144 million strong population are Muslims. The Catholic Church is relatively young in this particular country of Southeast Asia, which was formerly known as East Pakistan, back in 1947 when it gained independence from Britain and split away from India.

Some 77,000 of the country‘s approximately 200,000 Catholics live in the diocese of Mymensingh. The presence of the Catholic Church in Bangladesh dates back only around 100 years. This particular diocese was founded as recently as 1987 and is still building up its structures. One particularly difficult problem is the shortage of priests. In fact, the diocese has only 22 priests – and its 15 parishes cover a vast area.

Bangladesh is among the poorest countries in the world today, and for the Church here it is almost impossible to fulfil her pastoral mission without outside help. Bishop Paul Ponen Kuni has turned to ACN for help to provide small motorcycles for four of his newly ordained priests, who are already working in parishes of up to 13,000 Catholic faithful. He has also asked the same thing for two other priests who are teaching in the diocesan seminary.

He writes “I humbly ask your help for six motorcycles for our priests, who are maintaining the vitality of the Church and carrying out the work of the diocese for the greater glory of God.“

ACN is planning to give him 10,000 Euros and are looking to you, our faithful benefactors, for your help also.


ACN International