Dear ACN Friends:

I am writing to you, to share with you our great sadness about what is happening in Aleppo. It seems to me Aleppo is a forgotten city, people and the whole world keep silent. Massacres against humanity are being carried out and no one speaks about them. For how long will the world remain as a silent spectator? Our Easter feast has turned to grief, people are mourning for the loss of their loved ones. Some people woke up to find themselves without a home and others did not see the light as they died under the rubble, they were victims of violence.

Till when???????

I ask you please to share this, no more silence, we need to do something to save Aleppo and the people of Aleppo

Two days ago around 165 families left the city after more than 40 shells rained over  Aleppo. All kinds of shells as an Easter gift for a peaceful people who do not want anything except to live in peace. I cry loudly: “please save Aleppo, save our families”. Sorry I could not write to you before, there is no internet service since a few weeks ago, and now I’ve tried to use the 3G mobile access and it worked in the middle of the night.

Yesterday, Sunday a shell fell under our kitchen and by the providence of the Lord we were saved. Most of our windows were broken. We lost many people that we knew, people are in great fear and most of the people are dear to our hearts. People in Soulemaneh and Telfon have left their houses either because some buildings were destroyed or badly damaged or because they are scared. Is this a Christian aria?

Again my appeal today, to the whole world is “please do not remain silent, do something to save our people”.


Sister Annie from Aleppo