Ever since 1993 ACN has been supporting the Catholic radio station “Mazoji Studija“ in Vilnius, Lithuania. The name means “Little Studio“. But although it is little, it is an important and precious instrument of evangelization in the country, and very dear to the Lithuanian Bishops‘  hearts. Its work is of great importance to the Church in Lithuania.

Lithuania is in fact the only country of the former Soviet Union that is overwhelmingly Catholic (80% of the population). Hence this Catholic radio station is widely welcomed and listened to, as the abundant positive feedback from its listeners testifies. Indeed, its programmes are enjoyed and appreciated even by people who have never had any contact with the Church before. And such Christian radio broadcasts are an excellent means of introducing such people to the faith and encouraging them to think about it. They can ask questions and find answers and so take a growing interest, even without ever setting foot inside a church or speaking to a priest. But for Catholic believers too the radio broadcasts of “Mazoji Studija“ are a welcome source of information, thanks to which they can learn more about their faith and enter more deeply into the life of the Church. And for the sick, the elderly and housebound these radio broadcasts are a special comfort and consolation.

ACN regularly supports the work of Radio “Mazoji Studija“, and is doing so again this year with a contribution of 15,000 Euros.